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Jet Boats, Tour Boats or Mail boats river trips are divided into 2 sections by where they operate on the Rogue River.  For more information on Rogue River Jet Boats and the areas trips are offered check these links Middle Rogue River and Lower Rogue River.

Gold Beach Oregon - Rogue River Jet Boats

Oregon Bird Watching Vacation / Oregon Bird Watching / Bird Watching / Oregon Bird Watching / oregon Birdwatching / The lower Rogue River at Gold Beach and Wedderburn is where the nations original Jet Boats began operation. In 1895 when the US Mail contact was aquirred to carry the mail by river also started the up river boats operations carrying passengers with Rogue River Mail Boats.

Here on the Lower Rogue River Jet Boats travel the lower 52 miles of the RogueRiver's waters. Into the nations first Wild and Scenic River area. Normally power boats are allowed in Wild designated sections, however Jet Boats were operating on the Rogue River long before Wild and Scenic protections were put in place.

Rogue River Mail Boat Trips were the first to operate with passengers being taken upriver and back with prop driven boats, Jerry's Rogue Jets was the first to use Hydro Jet Boat technology to allow upriver passenger travel in low water periods.

Jerry's Rogue Jets

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Our boats will take you far upriver into the back country of this fabled place. Our guides will tell you of the mountains, of the animals, of the Native Americans, of the early European settlers, and of the river itself.

114 YEARS OF UNINTERRUPTED MAIL SERVICE TO THE UPRIVER AREA! "One of the oldest and most popular traditions on the Oregon Coast began in 1895 on the Rogue River. It was born humbly, arising out of the need of remote settlers and miners living in the vast wilderness of the Rogue River Canyon to communicate with the outside world, to send and receive letters and packages to and from distant relatives, to stay associated with friends far away.

From this need to communicate, intensified by isolation, evolved a tenacious human enterprise, struggling to overcome forces of nature in a whitewater world. The history of that achievement is a chronicle of dedication and vision of heroism, punctuated by tragedy, accented with humor. It is a tradition that has endured and grown into one of the most unique and famous visitor attractions in the West.

The celebration of a centennial is a goal sought by many companies, a rare landmark reached by few. The Rogue River Mail Boat Trips is proud to have accomplished this goal in 1995, having provided 100-years of continuous postal service on the Rogue River between the Gold Beach-Wedderburn and Agness post offices."

Grants Pass Oregon Jet Boat Rides

Jet Boat rides in the Middle section begin in Grants Pass and run down stream through the upper portion of the Rogue River Wild and Scenic Corridor. Trips from Grants Pass go as far as the beginning of the Rogue River Wild section near Graves Creek.

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